Louisa Roubin is an illustrator working in the mediums of ink, watercolour, gouache and pencil.

Louisa makes work to explore character, emotion and relationships, and is inspired by cities, city dwellers, sounds, nature, handmade objects and tiny animals.

She shares a studio in Melbourne, Australia, with artist Phil Roubin and a fluffy German Spitz called Mango. In 2013–2014, Phil and Louisa took their studio on the road (sans pet) and lived in Berlin, London, Edinburgh, Budapest and Istanbul, making art, admiring art and exploring culture and history.

When not at her desk, you might find Louisa in a cinema, a charity shop, a botanic garden, a supermarket lolly aisle or an aeroplane. And always in a skirt, never trousers.

For more info, please contact:
studio [at] louisaroubin [dot] com [dot] au

You can also catch Louisa on Facebook.

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